Products & Outsourced Services


BioConcept Ltd. is a Swiss-based company, which manufactures high quality customized cell culture media as well as defined media for recombinant protein production. Over the years, BioConcept has become a leading supplier and service partner for numerous respected pharmaceutical and academic institutions in Switzerland and around the world. BioConcept Ltd. offers all standard (classical) media and their production facilities are superbly equipped to manufacture sterile QC liquids, microbial broths and agars. In addition to the broad range of cell culture products, BioConcept ensures customer satisfaction by offering the highest degree of flexibility and customization in a timely manner Additionally, BioConcept has been producing media within a certified quality management system since 1995.

BioConcept’s product line includes:

  • Customer-designed media
  • Contract manufacturing of sterile liquids and powder formulations
  • Production media for CHO, Hybridoma and Insect Cells
  • Individual solutions for your cell culture requirements
  • Complete cell systems applications for CHO cells
  • Standard media
  • Serum-free and ACF media
  • Liquid as well as powder media formulations
  • Buffers and balanced salt solutions
  • Supplements and auxiliary reagents
  • Animal sera