Offer & Promos



‘LunaHiLena’ for Luna Universal qPCR Master Mix

What is the offer?
‘Buy 1 Get 1’ Free at a special price of Rs.20,000/- on catalogue – M3003L

Terms & Conditions of the offer:
  • Under the offer, the end customers gets Buy 1 Get 1 FREE at a special price of Rs.20,000/-
  • The offer is NOT applicable on purchase of single product.
  • The offer is valid ONLY on catalogue no – M3003L
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or discounts.
  • Mention of promo code 'LunaHiLena’ is mandatory in the end customer PO or Email confirmation without which the order will not be processed.
  • The offer will start from September 15th 2023 and valid until March 31st, 2024 end of the day


Minerva Bumper Offer on various Minerva Product Catalogues

What is the offer?
Buy 1 Get 1 on Mycoplasma Off Spray & Wipes, ZellShield, Water Shield, PCR Clean Spray & Wipes and Lab Clean.
Terms & Conditions of the offer:
  • The offer is valid on following catalogues:

    Mycoplasma off spray (Catalogue No: 15-1000 & 15-5000)
    Mycoplasma off wipes (Catalogue No: 15-1001 & 15-5001)
    ZellShield (Catalogue No: 13-0050 & 13-0150)
    Water Shield (Catalogue No: 15-3015 & 15-3020 & 15-3050)
    PCR Clean Decontamination Spray (Catalogue No: 15-2025 & 15-2200 & 15-2500)
    PCR Clean Decontamination Wipes (Catalogue No: 15-2001 & 15-2002)
    Lab Clean, lab cleaner (Catalogue No: 15-4100)

  • End customer will get 1+1 on all the catalogues mentioned above
  • Mention of PROMOCODE in PO / Email in the end customer order is mandatory. Promo code – B1G1MB23
  • Offer is valid from now until 31st October 2023 end of the day


B3G4 Offer

What is the offer?
‘Buy 3 Get 4th ’ FREE from all the qualifying products

Terms & Conditions of the offer:
  • Offer applies to the purchase of four (4) or more qualifying catalog products in the same order, of which the lowest priced qualifying product is free.
  • All other products/services including but not limited to PTMScan® Services, Antibody Duets, kits, "BSA and Azide Free" antibodies, SignalStar products and custom orders are excluded.
  • No cash or cash equivalent and cannot be sold or otherwise bartered. No substitutions.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or discounts.
  • Promotion code: GLBG23 must be referenced when placing an order.
  • The offer valid until December 29th, 2023 end of the day.