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Ludger, a bioscience company based in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, is an industry leader specializing in glycomics and glycoanalytical technology to support biopharmaceutical realization and translational medicine. Ludger’s technology originated at the University of Oxford, and is used in the quality control of FDA- and EMA-approved biopharmaceuticals worldwide. Ludger offers a comprehensive range of products and consumables for glycosylation sample preparation, characterization and analysis using analytical platforms such as Liquid Chromatography (LC), Mass Spectrometry (MS), LC-MS, or Capillary Electrophoresis (CE). This includes kits for release and labelling of monosaccharides or sialic acids, N- or O-glycan labelling kits and glycan clean-up/ purification and enrichment systems. They also offer system suitability standards and qualitative and quantitative controls, High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and Ultra High-performance liquid chromatography (uHPLC) columns and buffers offering a one stop shop for all your glycan analysis needs.  Ludger also provides support for validation studies and consultation services for biopharma and regulators. Ludger has been operating since 1999 and has built a client base that includes leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout the world.

It is also ISO 9001 Registered and operates through a Quality Management System (QMS), which covers all aspects of the company's operations. 

Ludger’s product range caters to

  • Glycan Release
  • Glycan Clean Up
  • Glycan Labelling
  • Glycan Standards
  • Columns and Buffers to Support Separation