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Minerva Biolabs


A leading biotechnology company, Minerva Biolabs GmbH based in Berline, Germany. They are highly competent expert in these specialized areas of contamination control, clinical diagnostics and water diagnostics.

Mycoplasmas are omnipresent. For safety and purity of cell derived products and reliable results it is important to conduct mycoplasmas contamination test in scientific experiments. Mycoplasma Detection assay from Minerva Biolabs is fast and reliable which enables identification of microplasma-contamination in cell-cultures. They have kits for the detection of germs and impurities in drinking water and food, to check purity and provide quality assurance of processed meat products, Halal and vegan products are offered. Also have specialized kits and reagents as PCR diagnostics of respiratory tract infections and for the detection of legionella in water. Have products for the qualification of PCR cyclers or the elimination of DNA contamination in the PCR laboratory.

  • VenorGem Classic
  • VenorGem Advance
  • VenorGem qEP
  • VenorGem Onestep
  • VenorGem qOnestep
  • VenorGem Sample Preparation Kit
  • VenorGem Sample Preparation Kit- IP C16
  • Internal Control DNA extra for VenorGem classic and qEP kits
  • 10 CFUTM Mycoplasma Sensitivity Standards
  • ZellShield
  • Mynox
  • Mynox Gold
  • Mycoplasma-OffTM
  • Mycoplasma-OffTM Wipes
  • Onar Bacteria
  • WaterShieldTM
  • PCR Cycler CheckTM Advance
  • PCR Cycler CheckTM OneStep
  • qPCR Cycler CheckTM
  • Proteinase K
  • MB Taq DNA Polymerase
  • PCR Quantification Standards
  • Genomic DNA Extracts-Specifity Standards
  • ExtractNowTM Food Control
  • Food ControlTM qPCR
  • ExtractNowTM Meat ID
  • Meat IDTM Screen
  • Meat IDTM Hala
  • ExtractNowTM Vegan Control
  • Vegan ControlTM
  • AquaScreen Fast Extract
  • AquaScreen qPCR Detection Kits
  • ExtractNowTM DNA Mini Kit
  • ExtractNowTM Blood DNA Mini Kit
  • ExtractNowTM RNA Mini Kit
  • ExtractNowTM CleanUp Kit
  • ExtractNowTM Plasmid Mini Kit
  • ExtractNowTM Virus DNA/RNA Kit
  • PCR CleanTM
  • PCR CleanTM Wipes
  • Lab CleanTM