Life at Zelle


These are some of the glimpses from the recently conducted roadshows by Zelle Biotechnology in collaboration with the Molecular Neurogerontology Lab, Department of Biochemistry, Bharathidasan University at Kerala, and another one at the Department of Biotechnology, School of Bioengineering, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Tamil Nadu.    


Zelle hosted an in-house event in association with one of our channel partners Waters India Ltd.  

In-house café

At Zelle Biotechnology, our endeavor has always been to not only provide quality products, services & technological solutions but also providing the perfect workplace environment for our team. Our commitment to our employees who are our most important asset takes us to create this dedicated space an in-house café - a common area where people can not only have their food but also take short breaks from their work, relax, play, rejuvenate and refresh. Apart from this, this dedicated space will also help us host meetings or internal employee engagement activities.   

International Women’s Day

A strong women’s team calls for a bigger celebration, on the occasion of International Women’s Day we had a day full of fun & frolic with special décor, games, and prizes for all the strong and lovely ladies in the house. The blue and yellow theme added colors to the day.  

Medical camp

The health of our employees is paramount to us and so every year at Zelle we conduct medical health camp to ensure everyone is fit and fine. A regular health check-up is followed by personal medical counseling with the expert.  

Global Distributor’s Meet of Cell Signaling Technology

The year 2021 started with a blast as we added one more feather to our cap, announcing our partnership with cell signaling technology (CST) USA, a company dedicated to providing the world’s highest quality, innovative research, and diagnostic products to accelerate biological understanding and enable personalized medicine. We are now an accredited marketing partner of CST for PAN India. Here are the glimpses from their virtual Global distributor’s meet participating & making our presence felt with some fun activity organized by CST.  


When we think of Christmas, few things that come to our minds are singing carols, exchanging gifts, relishing Christmas delicacies & sweets, and making merry. At Zelle biotechnology, we celebrate Christmas exuberantly by playing games like Secret Santa and decorating the office to add an aura and flavor to the festival.      

Plantation Day

As the whole world is facing the issues such as global warming and other environmental-related issues planting trees has become inevitable. As part of our contribution to saving the endangered environment, a one-day plantation program was conducted at our facility to propagate this critical message.    

Biopharma Conclave 2019

Events and conferences offer an opportunity to place your brand infront of the target audience and make new conections with industry people. We had a great experience being a part of " Biopharma Conclave" one of the prestigious events in the biotech and biopharma industry held over two days at St. Regis hotel, Mumbai helping us expand our horizons.


All work and no play make everyone dull and stressed. At Zelle, we endeavor to keep work stress at bay by involving ourselves in some team-building games that not only make our mind fresh and energetic but help us in enhanced concentration at work. We organized a game day in association with the Board Game Company to bring out individual skills and sportsmanship and have some fun and earn rewards in the process.  


Diwali, the festival of lights, brings a lot of positivity. The entire office gets decked up in a festive look with diyas, flowers, and rangolis. Each year we welcome Goddess Lakshmi in a very traditional celebration that involves Laxmi puja followed by team luncheon and some games and fun activities.