Products & Outsourced Services


Charles River is CRO with their headquarters based in Wilmington, USA with 80 facilities in 23 countries of United States, Europe and Asia. All leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, government and academic organizations are customers to CRL around the world. CRL work closely with regulatory agencies (FDA, HPRA, EMA, USDA, MHRA, ANSM etc) across the globe and host them for successful, smooth and productive client audit at CRL’s facilities. CRL host more than 120 client audit per year. They have supported the development of 80% of the drugs approved by the FDA in 2017.
  • Contamination and Impurity Testing 
  • Bioactivity and Potency Testing 
  • Anti-Infective and Vaccine Challenge Studies 
  • Stability Testing 
  • Lot and Final Drug Product Release Testing 
  • Viral Clearance Studies 
  • Protein Characterization 
  • Cell Line Characterization 
  • Manufacturing/ Production